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About Plastic

Plastik Hakkında

Plastic, Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N) and other organic or inorganic elements with simple structure, called monomer molecular groups that link off, converting a structure called longer and the polymer chains is the name of the resulting materials with.

For Example; Ethylene is a monomerdir. This is the polymer polyethylene polymer generated monomers. It comes at the beginning of the most widely used plastics.

Not available in nature than the plastics, signs of the revision to obtain intervention by human beings. You get to a certain temperature and pressure with the introduction of the catalyst is present using reaction. Although the first is produced dust, resin or plastic granules. Generally, as a result of the processing of crude oil used oil rafinerilerinde plastics residual materials. According to surveys in a portion of the oil on Earth is only used for the production of plastic%4.