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About Plastic

Why Plastic?

Plastik Ağacı

Phone, shoes, teeth brushes and generating countless of lives they plastic. Fast and quiet in practical life, symbol of our homes, plastic stock. So although we don't know about his nest a lot of lives.

Easy to shape in space means that the need for plastic, in our life and culture have been replaced by a lot of material in the case. Plastics in countless ways for the implementation of a whole part of thousands of design solutions. I think that is a phone, an automobile tire for shapes and you in front of your eye in a shopping bag.

Load and this light as well as rugged and reliable material as there is no space in our lives. Packaging, automotive, electronics, communications, health and more numerous in the plastic is considered essential. Imagine that a baby is born with a plastic glove contact with the first object wore the doctor anymore.

Less raw materials and energy-consuming production of plastic, easy portability is an essential material in the construction of the building. More woods it were just about anything we use in our homes until yesterday. Door, windows, struggle. No more plastic chairs, desks, doors of our homes. Plastic Windows, pipes and water tanks, as well as one of the building blocks of buildings with the rise of one of the most common area of PVC doors and Windows.

Thanks to the correct application of a PVC instead of wood a building 30% consumes less energy. This is due to less fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere, say less. Provides a permanent and solid solutions in buildings and other materials such as plastic, not easy to break down and waer off.

Infrastructure in the place, plastic cable and pipes up to 50 years. Save resources that help protect the environment by providing plastics for the production of the world's total crude oil, just 4 percent are consumed. However, for example, the result for each 100 kg of plastic parts in Europe, emissions of CO2 per year on gasoline consumption by 12 million tons, 30 million tonnes annually.

Plastics; airbags, seat belts, baby car seats, bicycle helmets, medical devices, such as materials for production makes our lives more secure by using the.

Lighter, cheaper, less pollution in the production process that leads to products. Contrary to popular belief, many eco-friendly plastic. Many of the manufacturing process is much less energy, according to the article. For example plastic, glass and metal that are considered environmentally friendly to produce much less energy. Paper and cardboard materials in order to produce, you have to use toxic chemicals and tons of cut wood.

Less energy to recycle plastic. To a plastic recycling for between 120 and 200 degrees for 650 degrees, ısıtılırken, aluminum glass is full to 1400 degrees.